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do I focus on the long arm or shit yourself

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"hey grandpa what was the pussy like in the 1940’s"

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i can do whatever i want & no one can stop me



unknown artist



Friends and Flowers in the French Alps


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Well damn Jessica 


Did you know that beekeepers have famously attractive eyes ? Every single one of them . I don’t know the science behind it , but studies show beauty is in the eye of the bee holder . 


I have no reason why. But here’s a picture of Eminem and Elton John holding hands.

Photographs of American teenagers taken by Joseph Szabo, 1969-1988.

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FRIDAY FRENZY | etsyfindoftheday 1 | 8.22.14

tsavorite (green garnet) five-stone ring by onegarnetgirl

tsavorite is my new favorite gemstone - i would love to add this gold bezel-set band to my ring repertoire. i heart the way the five shining green stones glimmer and shine.




Two brides have become two of the most kickass women in the world by marrying to protest against homophobia in Russia.

Alina Davis, a 23-year-old trans woman, and Allison Brooks, her 19-year-old partner, donned matching white floor-length bridal gowns and married at a civil registry office earlier this month.

As Davis is still legally regarded as male, the office had no choice but to hand them a marriage certificate.

The couple said officials chided them, and appeared to be violent.

‘She called us the shame of the family and said we need medical treatment … I was afraid my pussycat [an affectionate pet name in Russian] would beat the fuck out of her,’ Davis said on her VK page.

But the couple were allowed to sign the papers, meaning a gay couple in Russia are legally recognized as married – even if it’s through a loophole.

‘This is an important precedent for Russia,’ Davis said.

Russia banned same-sex marriage and outlawed ‘gay propaganda’ in 2013.

holy jesus look at these two warrior princesses

they are my heroes


"Oh, you don’t wanna recognize my gender? Okay then lol guess you have to recognize my marriage"

that is amazing